Yes Bank Personal Loan Status- Definitive guide 2020

Yes Bank Personal Loan Status

Yes Bank Personal Loan Status

Yes Bank is one of the private sector banks in India, which offers personal loans with the best interest rates.

After we have applied for a personal loan, some times, it needs to check the status.

  1. Yes Bank facilitating to apply for a personal loan online, once you have done with the online process, the bank executive will reach to your home and collect the required documents.
  2. If you already applied with the Personal Loan Application, you can check the status by following the below steps.

Different Types of Methods For Yes Bank Personal Loan Status

  • Offline Methods
  • Online Method

Steps to Check Yes Bank Persona Loan Status offline

You can use the below steps to check yes bank personal loan status.

  • Contacting Customer Care by Calling.
  • By Using SMS Service
  • Visit Branch

Contacting Customer Care

  • Call the Yes Bank Toll-Free Number 1800 200
  • Then choose the option to connect the executive after that, you can ask the status of your loan.

By Using SMS Service

  • Send an SMS “HELP” with your “Customer ID” to 92233 90909.
  • After that, you will get the responses by following the answer 
  • provide the application number and other required details like Date of Birth.

Visting the Branch

You can visit the nearest Yes Bank Branch and Track your Application Status. You need to provide details like Application Number, Mobile Number, and Date of Birth.

 Yes Bank Personal Loan Status Online Check

You can also get your loan status by sending an e-mail.

  • Send a mail to the [email protected] with the required details like loan application number, date of birth and mobile number

you can also use the below e-mail template to contact the yes bank team.

Dear Yes Bank Team,
I am Rahul, I have applied for a personal loan with you and want to know my application status.
Below are my application details;

Application Number
Mobile Number
Date of Birth

Please provide the status and push my application forward.
I appreciate if i get the response at the earliest.

Once you send an e-mail, you will get a response about your loan status

Best Way to Contact Yes Bank For Personal Loan Status

  • It is better always to use customer care number to contact the Bank.
  • It is a waste of time and boring to stand in loan ques of the Bank
  • After that, you can use your e-mail, most of the banks have TAT(Turn Around Time) to respond.
  • If you are not satisfied or did not get any response, you can raise the query to the [email protected] or contact 022-39489373

Other Options to Check the Yes Bank Personal Loan Status

if you are already a customer with the Yes Bank, you can try the online banking and Yes Bank Mobile App but the above steps are suggestable to get the response within the short period.

Yes Bank Personal Loan Rejection Reasons

There are specific rules and regulations the banks should follow with the guidelines of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

While Going for the Yes Bank Personal Loan, you need to remember the few things.

Apply only One Loan for One time 

Don’t Apply for loans at the same time with different lenders. You will never get a single loan and if your loan application undergone the rejection in recent times wait for some days and then apply for a new loan.

Provide Sufficient Proofs

While application provides sufficient proofs while giving the address proof use with the correct one when executive came for field checkup

it will show the reality of the submitted documents.

Safe Use of Credit Card

Maintain your credit cards with sufficient balance don’t exhaust the balance amount. If you are not the Bank considered you are in the status of the debt.

Low CIBIL Score

if you have the lowest CIBIL score due to the default of the on-time payments of loans and EMIs. Your credit history reflects to going down.

So its better to apply for once you are improved your loan.

Having Low Income

if you are working with the high paying job, which is more than the 20,000, lenders love to provide the loan. More the earning amount is more you get the loan amount.

If the salary is less than the criteria of the Bank, your application is going for the rejection.

FAQs of Yes Bank Personal Loan Status 

How many Days require to disburse the yes bank personal loan amount?

Once the Documentation got completed, it will take up to three days to disburse the amount.

What is the Minimum Interest of Yes Bank Personal Loan?

The Personal Loan Interest in Yes Bank Starts from 10.75%

What is the Minimum Salary Required to Apply Yes Bank Personal Loan?

For A Working Individual must have a Net Salary of 18,000 to Apply for Yes Bank Personal Loan.

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