How to Check TATA Capital Personal Loan Status? Definitive Guide 2020

How to Check TATA Capital Personal loan Status

How to Check TATA Capital Personal Loan Status:-  checking status of personal loan with TATA capital is a simple process. It is an NBFC. It mainly focuses on the processing of personal loans. The personal loans rates are competitive to the other NBFCs.

There are certain times to check the status of your loan if the amount not yet received in your account.

By following the below status, you can Track Tata capital personal loan.

Different Methods to Check TATA Capital Personal Loan Status

  1. Talking with Customer Care
  2. Online with Loan Account
  3. Online with Mobile Number and E-Mail
  4. Sending E-mail
  5. Offline by Visting nearest branch

Tata Capital Personal Loan Application Status with Customer Care

  • Dial 1800 209 6060 it is the Toll-Free Number.
  • Select the IVR to connect to the customer care executive.
  • Provide the Required Details by confirming mobile number, date of the birth and application number.

TATA Capital Personal Loan Status Online with Account

you can check your loan status online by logging into your account below are the steps.

  • Login to the TATA capital site by click here 
  • Select the Login Using UserID and Enter the Password
  • Then check your loan status by selecting the “track personal loan” option.
How To Check TATA Capital Personal Loan Status Online with User ID and Password

TATA Capital Personal Loan Status Online with Mobile Number/E-mail

  • Once you login into the TATA capital website
  • Provide the Mobile Number/E-mail.
  • Get the OTP and choose the loan “Track Application Status.”
How To Check TATA Capital Personal Loan Status Online with Mobile Number and Email

TATA Capital Personal Loan Status with E-Mail

by using the e-mail, you can opt TATA Capital Personal Loan Application Status. You need to provide the following details while sending E-mail

  • Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Application Number
  • Date of Birth.

You can send e-mail to [email protected] or if you are a registered customer use [email protected]

Once you sent an e-mail one of the customer care executives will come back to you with the loan status.

You can use the below E-Mail Template.

How To Check TATA Capital Personal Loan Status with Email

Dear TATA Capital Team,
I am Rahul, I have applied for a personal loan with you, and i am looking to check my loan application status.
Please provide the loan status and process my application at the earliest.
Below are the required details of my loan application.
Application Number
Mobile Number
Date of Birth.


TATA Capital Personal Loan status by Visiting Branch

You can visit one of the branches and get your application status. To check the details, you need to provide the loan application number, your date of birth and mobile number.

Overview of the Checking Personal Loan Application Status.

In the above way, it is better to choose the below options 

  • calling to the customer so that you can ask the doubts regarding the application.
  • The second option is checking online, which is instant.
  • The Third option to check with e-mail

Reason for the TATA Capital Personal Loan Rejection.

  1. Having Low CIBIL: if you have a bad credit score, your application not considered for the further process.
  2. Failed to Submit Proper Documents:- not providing the required documents while applying will cause the effect in the loan rejection
  3. Not having the eligibility:-  TATA capital have specific criteria for the personal loan, your age, salary, company and area of living will reflect the approval of the application.
  4. Applying for Multiple Loans:-  if you are applied for the personal loans multiple times and with the various lenders. It will show a negative point to the lenders, which manifests as you are hungry for the more debt and you are going to the deficit.

How to Pay TATA Capital Personal Loan

you can choose the below options to pay your loan EMI.

  • ECS (Electronic Clearance System)
  • Cheque

It is better to opt for the ECS, which means that the EMI will be auto-debited from the bank account number.

The bank account number is where the personal loan disbursed.

By availing the Cheque option for this, you need to visit the nearest branch and drop the cheque.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days will take to get the TATA Capital Personal Loan?

For TATA Capital, the disbursal time for the personal loan is four working days from the documentation.

How much amount can i get from TATA Capital Personal Loan?

The Loan amount depends upon the income, existing loans, current company and city you are living

Can i get a Waiver of Processing Charges on Personal Loan of TATA Capital?

While applying for the loan, ask the executive for the negotiation, you can get the discount, but it is not much.

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