How to Pre-Close Axis Bank Personal Loan? Definitive Guide.

How to Pre-Close Axis Bank Personal Loan

In this article, i will help you to find detailed information on how to pre-close Axis Bank Personal Loan.

While looking to pre-close the axis bank personal loan, the following steps will help you to understand the information.

The Axis Bank Personal Loan Pre-Closure process is simple. There is no need to worry about the preclosure process.

It is simple as new account opening in the Bank.

While looking to close the axis bank personal loan, 

you need to call the customer care and get the details about outstanding and other charges.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Preclosure Terms and Conditions.

When a borrower looks to close his loan account, he needs to produce the required documents as suggested by the Bank. 

The Axis bank seeks the followed requirements to pre-close the loan account.

  1. The borrower must pay and clear the outstanding amount and other applicable charges.
  2. Axis Bank asks for the pre-closure statement, which statement is available by applying online in Axis Bank official Website.
  3. Documents like Preclosure statement, cheque book and ID proof like Passport, PAN Card and Voter ID requires for pre-closure application.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Pre-Closure Charges.

Currency Axis Bank not charging any foreclosure or preclosure charges. 

It is one of the significant benefits for taking a personal loan from Axis Bank.

 Once the borrower decided to pay off the outstanding loan amount, there is no need to pay any other charges like foreclosure charges or preclosure charges, processing fees.

Once you ready with the closure process, contact the Bank and get the detailed information on the outstanding amount and required documents.

Once the Bank receives the outstanding loan amount bank starts the process of closing your loan account.

How to Pre-close Axis Bank Personal Loan?Pre-Closure Process.

  • Bank asks for personal loan account number which you can find on the loan sanction letter. If you dont know this loan account number contact the axis bank customer care.
  • The preclosure statement is the required document. The document shows the outstanding balance how much you amount you are due to Bank and which also helps in the preclosure process. you can get this preclosure document from axis bank loan centre.
  • Remember to have the documents like Precloure statement, Cheque Book and ID proofs like passport, Voter ID, PAN card at the time of visiting the Axis Bank.
  • Once you visit the Bank, pay the outstanding loan amount by DD, cheque or cash.
  • Fill all the forms and submit loan closure request letter. 
  • Remember to collect the acknowledgement of loan closure request.
  • Usually, it takes less than five working days if not happen until 15 days contact the Bank with the loan closure request receipt.
  • Once the loan is closed, you will receive the loan closure certificate. Please keep it safe, which helps as proof and helps in the application of future investments.

How to find the Nearest Axis Bank Loan Center?

You need to visit the loan centre in the process of personal loan pre-payment. You can quickly identify the nearest loan centre with the axis bank tool provided on the website here the process.

  • First, you need to Visit the Axis Bank official website and go the option “locate us.”
Axis Bank Loan Center Locate us
  • Once clicking on “Locate us” option, you can find the options like search by State, City and Locality options.
Locate us Options
  • Select the options and click on “Search”.
Locate us Options Entered
  • Then it will show the Nearest Loan Center.
Locate us Options Entered

Features of Axis Bank Personal Loan

  • The Axis Bank has a flexible selection of the personal loan, which helps in choosing the loan for a tenure which ranging from 12-36 months.
  • The documentation is straightforward if the applicant is an account holder in Axis bank; it becomes too simple to process the personal loan application.
  • Processing charges. If one can decide to close the axis bank personal loan, the Bank does not charge any pre-closure fees.
  • The Bank disburses the loan amount. The amount is starting from 50,000 to 15 Lakh.
  • Axis bank has a balance transfer facility, which helps to pay off the personal loans, which are pinching with the high-interest rates. Means you can take Axis bank personal loan and close the personal credit of other banks.

About Axis Bank

The Axis Bank comes in third place when it comes to India’s largest private sector banks. The Bank offers the broadest range of financial services like loans, bank accounts,demat accounts, etc. The Bank spread its wings in oversees commercial operation largely upon corporate lending, Trade finance and investment banking. 

Axis bank covers almost all the major cities in India with its branches. The Bank succeeded in the product personal loans because of its high range of services.

The Bank disbursing the loans at the competitive interest rates and processing charges. The one reason which is faster of service will force anyone to choose the axis bank personal loan.

Axis Personal Loan Preclosure FAQs.

Q. Is Axis Bank have the facility to pre-close the personal loan online?

No, The Axis bank does not have the facility to pre-close the personal loan online. you have to visit the Bank.

Q. Can i pay the Axis Bank Personal Loan Preclosure amount in Part-payment?

No, Axis Bank will not accept the personal loan pre-closure amount in part-payments.

Q. Can i pay the Axis Bank Personal Loan Preclosure amount in cash?

Yes, but the Axis bank does not accept the more than 49,000 if PAN not available.

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