Citibank Personal Loan Status? All in one Guide 2020

Citibank Personal loan Status

Citibank is one of the private sector banks in India.

The bank is availing the personal loans to its customers with attractive interest rates.

CitiBank Personal Loan Status

When we applied for a Citibank loan, there is a need to get the current status.

By following the below steps, it can be possible.

  • Contacting Citibank customer care
  • NetBanking
  • Sending E-mail
  • Offline by visiting the branch

Citibank personal loan status by calling to customer care

It is one of the right ideas to find the state immediately. I suggest you go with this option because of its instant process.

  • Call 1860 210 2484
  • Navigate to the personal loan as per the instructions
  • Then you need to go for the connect the customer care option.
  • Once connected with the executive, provide your loan application number
  • Once the executive checks the details, he can provide your current situation of the applied loan.

Citi Bank Personal Loan Application Status Online with Netbanking

Alternatively, you can get the citi bank personal loan status to its customers online with the Netbanking.

CitiBank Personal Loan Status online with Reference Number
Citi Bank Personal Loan Status Online

Personal Loan Status of Citibank by sending e-mail

you can also use your registered e-mail id to get the present situation of the application.

  • If you are using Gmail in the mobile app, open it.
  • Send a mail to [email protected]
  • You must mention your loan application details like loan number and mobile number for the reference
  • The customer care will provide the required information within two working days.

you can also use Personal Loan Xpress Template to send mail.

Dear Citibank Team,

I am Madhu, i have applied for a personal loan with you. the primary reason to contact you is to get the exact status of my loan application.

Please provide the status and faster the process for disbursal

Below are my application details.

Application Reference Number

Registered Mobile Number



Track Citi Bank Personal Loan by checking in the branch

Nowadays going to the banks and standing in the lines is an annoying thing. But when it comes to the final option, we must need to go.

If all the above ways are not available, Then visit the CitiBank branch and get the required information.

When you visit the Citibank branch, the necessary details like loan application number and mobile number are required.

Reasons for the Citi Bank Personal loan rejection

There are various type reasons for Citibank to reject your submitted personal loan application.

Citi does not intend to reject any loan, but when it comes to guidelines and procedures, it must follow.

While discussing the application rejection the below are the some of the causes.

Having Less Income

the income of the person is the primary factor. When it comes to the application, it should be accepted when you have the eligible income for the loan.

If the bank accepts the form also by cross-checking the bank statements and salary slips, it can quickly evaluate.

Not providing the required documents or incorrect documents

One of the reasons for the rejection is giving false reports or not providing the required documents.

You can’t convince any lender without providing the required information.

Bad History of Credit Score

A credit score of you showed how you are maintained and maintaining your credit cards and current loans.

Missing of the due dates will hurt you by decreasing the score.

While checking this factor by the bank, they will consider and analyse how you are paying. Then only your application goes to another level.

Income and Payments Level

Having a good income is plus but the paying the more amounts from the amount will cause for the loan rejection.

In other words, If you are already spending more amount on EMIs, credit card bills and Rent.

Banks calculate the potential income by deducting all these factors after that, decide the EMI.

If your payments are more then, it isn’t very easy for the approval.

About CitiBank

The Citibank founded in the city of New York. It has been providing various services in India.

Personal loans, business loans, saving accounts, credit cards, insurance and NRI services are some of the major businesses of the bank. 

It is also adopting the latest technologies in the banking industries. E-chatbot is one of its automated functions.

Citi breaks the record as one of the largest banks in the world. It is providing the services to its customers, with minimal efforts by using the latest technologies.

Citibank Personal Loan Status FAQ

  1. How Many Days Will Take To Disburse The Personal Loan Of Citibank?

    For Citibank, it will take a maximum of 2 working days to disburse the amount from the date of the documentation.

  2. What Rate Of Interest The Does Citibank Charge For Personal Loan?

    Interest rates in Citibank are starting from 10.5% to 13.445

  3. Are There Any Extra Fees Charged By The Citibank?

    The bank charge processing fees, these rates are ranging from 0.5% to 2%

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