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Features & Benefits of Personal Loan.

When you are looking for a personal loan its comes with the features and benefits when compared to house or business loans, this is the best thing to adopt and pay with the equivalent monthly amounts.

When you check below are the best Features and Benefits you get.

  • Easy Application

The Application is straightforward there is no worry to visit the branch in your city the thing is you can log on and provide the details with the remaining we will take care of rest.

  • Minimal Documentation.

The documentation is super fast, and we won’t bother you to provide unnecessary documents. We Love to complete the documentation within the 24 hours.

So there is no need you to go and submit the proof of document in the bank. One of our executives will come and get the materials at your office, home or anywhere within the city. You are living in India.

  • Instant Response.

Our team dedicated to helping the customers you can contact us at any time. Once you apply for the loan, one of our executives assigned to you, you can contact and ask any questions whenever you are convenient to reach.

We are running with a target of time for each of the application  which helps us to complete the process within the minimal time

  • Flexible 

You can choose the loan amount as per your need which starting from INR. 50,000 to INR. 25,00,000

You can easily get the amount as per your needs and requirement.

  • Simple Repayments.

Repayment is Super easy you can adopt the terms and repayment schedules as per your convenient which is starting from 6 months to 36 months.

  • Collateral Free

There is no requirement to provide the collateral to obtain. The personal loans are unsecured; there is no need to pledge the house or any asset to get the loan.

  • Lower Interest rate

The Interest rate is Low when you are comparing with the business loans, and our team always works to get a better interest rate for each of the customers. We will Compare almost all the banks for the better interest, upon the eligibility we will suggest and help to get the amount within the minimal interest rate.


How to get Personal Loan?

You can get the loan with the Personal Loan Xpress. It is simple and faster to get the loan within the lower interest rate.

can personal loan be pre closed?

Absolutely Yes, You can pre-close the loan before the tenure, but the pre-closure charges may apply

The Pre-closure charges differ with the bank to bank; hence these charges are unavoidable as we are committed to pre-close.

Is Self Employed Eligible for the Personal Loan?

Yes, Self Employed can also apply for the loan, and the person who is applying has to submit the income document proofs.

For Example. Proprietary Entity Income Proof, IT Returns, PAN Card, 

as well as CIBIL also one of the primary factors we have to consider while applying.

How many days will it take for the loan amount disbursed?

The Disbursal of the loan depends upon the bank to bank; most of the banks will complete the process within 24 -48 hours.

What is the Best CIBIL Score?

The Minimum CIBIL Score should be 750, where the banks are considering this as the minimum score to proceed with the application.

Is CIBIL Score is Important?

The answer is yes Because CIBIL Reflects the past payment history of all the loans and credit cards you have. It is the primary source for financial institutions to check the trustworthy of the applicant.

What is the Reason for my application rejection?

There are certain factors for rejection. The primary reason is low income, Banks and credit institutes sanction the amount based upon the income. as well as credit score, and not providing proper documents.

How to Use my Personal Loan?

You can use for any personal financial requirement the banks will not monitor how you use the amount  this can utilise for your need like

  • Marriage related expenses.
  • Child Education.
  • Renovation of house.
  •  Purchasing of Electronic Gadgets and home appliances like TV, Freezer, Washing Machine
  • Also useful for investing in a business.
  • Repair of your car.
  • To clear the existing loan.

NBFC V/S Bank Which is Best?

NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Institutions) are operation by financial institutions and which are limited to lend the loans where banks have a licence to do activities like deposits, cheque, withdraws hence the banks provide lower interest comparing with NBFC.

How to apply for HDFC Personal Loan?

You can apply for HDFC Personal Loan with Personalloanxpress. We are associated with all major banks to get the amount with a lower interest rate.

How can i repay the amount?

The Loan amount which you have taken will be auto-debited from your bank account. Nowadays all the financial institutions collecting the same by auto deducting from the loan payer account. you can adopt the below choices based upon the bank.

  •  ECS ( Electronic Clearing Service).
  • Post-dated cheque.
  • Mobile Application of the Bank.